A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the Elite Intelligence Agency website! We hope you enjoy all the brand new features that have been brought to you on this website. Keep in mind we're working around the clock to release brand new updates every week! So if you find a bug, just stay tuned. Also, while you're here, why not click on the 1st image below to be redirected to the Elite Intelligence Agency Headquarters and join our badge!

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About Us

The EIA was founded in 2014 by Habbo Hotel users SirJohnnyWick, Elpofo, Chosen-Keeper & FabianTBH. The EIA is a high society company using the most advanced technology available to ensure the best quality job for all members.

The EIA has employed some of Habbo's greatest room designers so that the workers can enjoy user friendly headquarters, training rooms and more. The EIA has also put together some of the most dedicated users to assist within the Media & Design team to bring you one of the easiest to use websites out there.

The Australian Owned company employs people with high intelligence to ensure the best available outcome for all Habbo users. You can join this wonderful company by visiting the Elite Intelligence Agency on Habbo Hotel.